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Universal PanStand with Exclusive Air-Flotation and MORE Combining Pedestal Washer Pan and More in LESS Space! Works with all 24" Front Loading Laundry.

The PanStand combines a washer safety pan, an elevating pedestal and an appliance moving system in a semi-permanent platform that works with all 24” laundry appliances. It is a simple, elegant, solution to a variety of common problems that cost the multi-family industry millions each year.

The most fascinating aspect is the air flotation system that uses a common shop vac to float the Pan-Stand and appliance(s) on a cushion of air.This obviously simplifies maintenance, installation and housekeeping. There are a cascading series of other benefits that are less obvious, but equally important in reducing construction and operating costs

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PanStand Introduced at Multi-family Expos in Washington, DC and New York
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Watch a video demonstration of the PanStand

Washer Safety Pans from PanStand on Vimeo.